Meet Leah Shadwick, Owner of Birds Nest Acupuncture and Wonderful Human

“I feel like too many people are walking around stressed, depressed, anxious, unsure of themselves, and not feeling well. This is not how we are supposed to feel!  All of these emotions and feelings have an impact on our physical health and can create disharmony, pain, and disease.  I genuinely love to help people, connect with them, and empower them to become the best version of themselves so they can follow their path in this lifetime.”


“My therapist tells me to be kinder to myself and that has  been extraordinarily important to me. Something I saw as a disappointment then, I am now proud of, because even though it took me a long time, I got where I needed to be. Something I’ve learned through therapy is not to focus too much on the past. Although it’s important to reflect, the most important thing is the moment you have now.”