Areas of Focus


At Birds Nest Acupuncture, we believe that pregnancy and childbirth is a transformational journey.  Your body changes with every trimester, and acupuncture offers safe and natural relief from many of the symptoms that may present during your pregnancy. The journey of pregnancy is best taken with the support of an acupuncturist to guide you and your baby along the way.  Caring and tending to the mind and body during pregnancy ensures a smooth gestation, relaxes your nervous system, and helps foster that mind-body connection that is essential for labor and delivery. We also recognize the importance of self care during postpartum time, and we strive to prepare you for the transition into motherhood.   

Conditions Treated:

1st Trimester:  Nausea, vomiting, miscarriage prevention, fatigue, anxiety, stress, depression, and mood swings.

2nd Trimester:  Heartburn and indigestion, pain, anxiety, stress, depression, constipation.

3rd Trimester:  Pain, fatigue, breech presentation, stress, anxiety, depression, labor preparation- weekly acupuncture from week 36 until 40  helps the body prepare for effective and calm labor. Studies have shown that acupuncture during this time can shorten labor time and reduce the need for medical  interventions.

Postpartum:  Fatigue, lactation issues, postpartum depression, stress, and  anxiety